Movie Bowl Grille Rock Wall

Rock Wall at Movie Bowl Grille in Sherman, Texas

Rock Wall

MBG’S Indoor Rock-Climbing Wall is a fun way for people of all ages to challenge their climbing ability, and have fun while doing it. Our Climbing Wall offers a family friendly environment for people of all ages and ability levels.

At 24 feet, our walls have everything they need to get your heart pumping and yourface smiling! But don’t worry, our attendant will ensure you are securely wearing your safety harness prior to climbing. Once you reach the top, you’ll safely and gently enjoy your glide back down to the floor level


$6.00 per person

Challenge yourself or beat your friends

We have four rock walls: Easy, medium, and hard. Each wall has timers on them so you can race against friends. With capacity for four people it’s a great option for solo or group fun.

Never boring

With hundreds of different routes for all skill levels, you can try it again and again, and never get bored. An awesome way to rock climb, it’s fun for kids, teens and adults!

Indoor Rock Climbing at Movie Bowl Grille in Sherman, Texas
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