Movie Bowl Grille Ropes Course

Ropes Course at Movie Bowl Grille in Sherman, Texas

Feel the adrenaline rush with MBG’s thrilling ropes course!

With rope many obstacles to choose from, and heights reaching 20 feet, every time you face Movie Bowl Grilles ropes course, you can have a whole new challenge to defeat. Soar over the arcade on a thrilling zip line.

Obstacles range from easy to medium to hard. At every leg of the course you will always get to challenge your limits on your own terms.

Reward yourself at the top of the tower with an exhilarating zipline soaring above the whole arcade and redemption room. Ride the ziplines over and over, safely and securely.

Perfect for parties

Up to 20 people at a time can experience the thrill of the ropes course, making it perfect for parties and team building.

Max weight is 300 lbs and you must be 48′′ or taller participate in the course independently.

Ropes Course is perfect for parites at Movie Bowl Grille in Sherman, Texas

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